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Historically, lesbian women, gay men and transgenders have often been traumatized by  probing questions about their personal lives. This was and sometimes still is due to a perceived or very real threat that came along with these questions

With the opening up of marriage to same sex couples in this country, some gays and lesbians have chosen to come forward in the public sphere. In addition, there is now an important anti-discrimination law on the books.

Nevertheless, a reflex to ward off this curiosity from ‘the outside world’ (whether it is healthy or unhealthy) remains in our blood. It is clear that some things indeed are private matters, but does that mean one always needs to throw out the baby with the bathwater?

Does every new generation of gays and lesbians, or transgenders, need to start from scratch over and over just because there is virtually no information about previous generations because they have been too discrete ?

The Suzan Daniel Fund wants to try to mend this fundamental distrust towards any information about one another as gays or lesbians.

Because they are our own personal papers, we believe they are worth preserving and displaying.